• Image of WARN ZEON 12-S Recovery Winch with Spydura Synthetic Rope

Part Number: WAR95950

Rated Line Pull: 12,000 lbs.
Motor: 12V
Remote Control: Remote Switch, 12 ft. lead
Gear ratio: 216.1
Size: 24.25 in. x 6.09 in. x 7.15 in.
Weight: 75 lbs.
Synthetic Rope: 80 ft. of 3/8
Fairlead: Hawse
Type of Winch: Electric

The WARN ZEON has proven itself in the field, and among off roaders. Now you can get the 12,000 pound capacity ZEON winch with Spydura Pro synthetic rope. The new ZEON 12-S winch trims weight but keeps plenty of muscle for the big jobs, and the toughest rescues. And the light, easy-to-handle synthetic rope makes any winching situation a bit easier. It's the perfect choice for heavily loaded off road vehicles.